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Amino Acid Analyzer LAAA-A12

Amino Acid Analyzer LAAA-A12

Amino Acid Analyzer LAAA-A12 is an automatic unit comprised with host and post-column derivatization system, is divided into hydrolyzed protein analysis system (sodium salt) and physiological body fluid analysis system (lithium salt). Features autosampler with built-in ammonia removal system, offers loop sampling and variable sampling modes with 1 to 500 µl of injection volume, and UV detector with aberration concave diffraction grating spectroscopy and 190 to 800 nm of detection wavelength. Designed with Quaternary low-pressure gradient pump with 0.001to 10 ml/min of flow rate and built-in 4-channel online vacuum degassing machine, and chromatography workstation, has ninhydrin post-column derivatization method with RT to 150°C of temperature range and gradient heating program.



Quaternary low-pressure gradient pump
Pulsation <1% or 0.1 MPa
Flow rate 0.001 to 10 ml/min
Flow accuracy ± 0.2%
Gradient accuracy ≤ 0.06% (ASTM)
Max. withstand voltage 9000 Psi
Degassing machine Built-in four-channel online vacuum degassing machine
Other function Automatic cleaning of plunger rod, anti-salt precipitation
Auto sampler
Sampling method Loop sampling and variable sampling
Injection volume 1 to 500 µl
Reproducibility <1% @10 µl
Memory effect < 0.01%
Sample tray 2 with 48 sample positions each, 1.5 ml sample bottle
Separation unit
Chromatographic column Sodium ion exchange column; 4×150 mm
Derivative unit
Derivation method Ninhydrin post-column derivatization method
Temperature setting RT to 150°C
Temperature increment 0.1°C
UV detector
Spectroscopy system Aberration concave diffraction grating spectroscopy
Wavelength range 190 to 800 nm
Working environment 10 to 30°C
Relative humidity ≤ 80% RH
Power supply AC 220 ±10%, 50 Hz
Power 5 kW
01 Box dimension (W×D×H) 670×570×480 mm
02 Box dimension (W×D×H) 670×570×480 mm
03 Box dimension (W×D×H) 670×570×350 mm
04 Box dimension (W×D×H) 670×570×350 mm
05 Box dimension (W×D×H) 670×570×480 mm
01 Box gross weight 27.2 kg
02 Box gross weight 24.7 kg
03 Box gross weight 15 kg
04 Box gross weight 18.5 kg
05 Box gross weight 24.7 kg



Amino Acid Analyzer is used to provide qualitative and quantitative information and analysis of the amino acid composition of a protein or peptide hydrolysate across biotechnology, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, clinical trials etc.

Amino Acid Analyzer