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Comparison microscope LCM-A10

Comparison microscope LCM-A10

Comparison microscope LCM-A10, the side-by-side analysis of two specimens by same person is possible. It comes with built in digital colour video recording system to observe a live image of the split image on to the computer. It has large working distance of 100 mm for easy specimen mounting and observing. This microscope is mainstay of forensic science & criminology investigations.



Optical magnification range 2.5X ~ 120X
Eyepiece WF 10X / Ø 22 mm, WF 10X / Ø 14 mm
video recording system 3 mega pixels, 1024 × 768 resolution
Support USB numerical VGA/AV/DAI output
Match with digital camera port
Working distance 100 mm
Objective stage dimension 100 mm
Moving range: X/50 mm, Y/50 mm, Z/50 mm
Objective 0.6x, 1.2x, 2.0x, 3.5x, 5.0x
Objective view field diameter 2.5 Ø mm-90 Ø mm
Objective stage horizontal linkage range 50 mm
Coarse moving range 50 mm
Illumination Semiconductor light source (brightness adjustable)
300W independent exteriorized cold light source
Photoconductive fiber with adjustable condenser
Power supply 24 V AV input, 24 V DV stable voltage output
In accordance with international safe standards
Dimension 410 × 210 × 450 mm
Net weight 7 kg
Gross weight 8 kg



It has applications in forensic science laboratories & institutes, police department investigations, archaeology for comparative study of objects.

Comparison Microscope