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Digital Differential Pressure Meter LDPM-A10

Digital Differential Pressure Meter LDPM-A10

Digital differential pressure meter LDPM-A10 is a handheld microprocessor based unit. It shows the differential pressure between indoor and outdoor, clean room and unclean room. It adopts imported differential pressure transmitter along with the advanced design of circuitry and structure. Recorded data can conveniently be stored, viewed and printed using an external printer.



Measuring range 0 ∼ 125 Pa
Accuracy 0 ± 0.2 Pa (liner error)
± 1 %
Operating temperature range 0 °C ∼ 50 °C
Operational humidity ˂ 85 RH
Power supply 7.4 V Li-battery
Dimensions 212 x 92 x 32 mm
Weight 0.36 kgs



Used in production and scientific department such as electronics, medical treatment, hygiene, biological technology, aviation and spaceflight, pharmaceutical manufacturing and in quality supervision departments.

Standard Accessories

Accessory No Accessory Quantity
1.        Charger 1
2.        Rechargeable battery 1
3.        User manual 1

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