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Double Sided Vertical Shaker LDVS-A10

Double Sided Vertical Shaker LDVS-A10

Double sided vertical shaker LDVS-A10 is a shaker designed for automatic shaking of separating funnel using vertical and slanting shaking mode. It holds up to 8 pcs of 500 ml and 10 pcs of 250 ml funnels. Operates multiple batches of samples with high efficiency and recovery rate. Vertical and slanting shaking mode aids in minimizing user exposure to chemical agents and protects personal safety.



Shaking speed 300 T (turns)/ min
Shaking (distance) range 40 mm
Shaking method Vertical and Slanting shaking (tilt angle 0 to 20° adjustable)
Frequency control Infinite variable speed
Display LCD Display
Time set range 0 to 99 hours (with adjustable count down )
Applicable 50 to 2000 ml standard pyriform or ball type separating funnel
Vessel number 4/6/8/10 pcs
Extraction efficiency 95 to 110%
Load rated Bilateral symmetry, 11 kg
Power 110 W
Power supply AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimension 535 × 475 × 690 mm
Net weight 120 kg



Used for mixing viscous liquids, solids separation and liquid-liquid extractions. Used in oil extraction from water, organic pollutant extraction from water and pesticide residue extraction from potable liquids, soil solutions, volatile phenol extraction.

Optional Accessories

Accessories No. Name
1 Glass Funnel (Reusable)

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