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FTIR Spectrometer LIR-B10

FTIR Spectrometer LIR-B10

FTIR Spectrometer LIR-B10 offers gold coated reflecting mirrors to cover maximum light throughput with detection sensitivity with multilayer Ge coated KBr beam splitter specification, aluminum based cast design layout structure, and high intensity, long lasting air cooled infrared source. Designed with 7800 cm-1 to 350 cm-1 spectral range with high S: N ratios of up to 20,000:1. This FTIR executes operations such as scanning, data manipulation, quantitation, reporting, saving, user administration, and more. Features advance FTIR software workstation, adjusted for all versions of windows operating system with specialized IR libraries, real-time device status analysis, modular platform strategy, FDA CFR 21 compliance auto software updating system, Sensitivity detector DLATGS. Equipped with Cube-corner Michelson interferometer, the highly sensitive optical system with collectively patented fixing mirror alignment tools.



Spectral Range 7800 cm-1 to 350 cm-1
Resolution 0.85 cm-1
Wave number precision ± 0.01 cm-1
Scanning speed Microprocessor control, different scanning speed selectable
Signal to Noise ratio 20,000:1( RMS value 2100-1 to 2000-1 )
Beam Splitter Ge coated KBr
Infrared Source High intensity, long lasting, air- cooled IR source
Detector DLATGS
Data System Compatible computer
Dimension 520 × 435 × 255 mm
Weight 24 kg
Power Supply AC 220 V ± 22 V, 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
Interferometer Cube-corner Michelson interferometer
Wave number Accuracy ± 0.01 cm-1
Communication Ethernet interface
Status Diagnose Power on self-check
Certification FDA CFR 21 Compliance



FTIR Spectrometer has wide applications in the field of science research examination, quality control production, testing and detection in various field.

Standard Accessories

Transmission sample holder

Optional Accessories

Accessories No. Name
1 Gas cell
2 Liquid cell
3 Defused / spectral reflection
4 Single / Multiple reflection ATR, etc.

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