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Laser Theodolite LTDL-A10

Laser Theodolite LTDL-A10

Laser Theodolite LTDL-A10 with built-in diode, the laser beam is visible up to 200 m away outside in daylight. A clear laser spot is visible up to 100 m through eyepiece. It is convenient to focus and adjust the laser brightness. The laser device integrated with telescope, resistant to dust, rain and other harsh elements. The telescope mounted on device swivels both horizontally and vertically to measure the angles. All standard functions of electronic theodolite are available in it.



Image Erect
Magnification 30X
Objective aperture 47 mm
Field of view 1° 30 inch
Shortest viewing distance 1 m
Stadia ratio 100
Resolution 3.75 absolute
Angle Measurement
Angle measurement mode Absolute angle
Minimum reading 1,5, 10,20 absolute
Angle units DEG/MIL/GON
Accuracy 2, 5, 10 absolute
Display LCD
Type Single-axis liquid tilt sensor
Range ± 3 inch
Up Laser Point
Wavelength 635 nm
Laser focus point 5 mm/ 100 m
Deviation between laser focusing point and telescope collimation axis ≤ 5 absolute
Valid optical distance 150 m (day)
Down point type Down Laser Plummet
Precision of plate vial 30 absolute/2 mm
Precision of circular vial 8inch/2 mm
Working temperature -20℃ to +45℃
Battery type Rechargeable/5 × AA alkaline batteries
Battery volume 1800 mAh, 6V (Ni-MH battery)
Battery life 15 hours
Dimension 180×166×355 mm
Weight 6.5 kg



Laser Theodolite finds application in civil engineering, construction sites, division of road designing, etc. for measuring absolute angles.

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