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Low speed centrifuge LLS-A32

Low speed centrifuge LLS-A32

Low speed centrifuge is equipped with micro computer based digital display to set and track the speed, time, RCF and other parameters required in the operations. This centrifuge is particularly configured to separate the blood components and with different program setting option to conveniently study serology, immuno-detection blood-typing and other analysis.



Max. speed 4000rpm
Max. RCF 2250×g(24 cards), 830×g(12 cards)
Max. Capacity 24 cards/12 cards
Timer range 0~99min
Speed accuracy ±20rpm
Noise ≤45dBA
Dimension(HxWxD) 12 cards 230×460×320mm
Net weight for 12 cards 17kg
Dimension(HxWxD) 24 cards 483×320×265mm
Net weight for 24 cards 23kg
Power supply AC220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz



Low speed centrifuge is used to analyze and separate blood components. It is widely used in performing serological test in hospitals and research institutes.

Rotor Selection

Rotor Name Max. Speed (rpm) Max. Capacity (ml) Max. RCF (x g)
12 gel card centrifuge 3000 12 gel card 830
24 gel card centrifuge 3000 24 gel card 1080
Gel card incubator 37 degrees 24 gel card

Low Speed Centrifuge