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Mini Vacuum Pump LMVP-A10

Mini Vacuum Pump LMVP-A10

Mini vacuum pump LMVP-A10 uses big preface torque configuration and is particularly designed for low temperature working environment. It portable and requires less storage place. This mini vacuum pump has space-saving design and is ideal for systems integration.



Pumping Speed 28.31 to 22.65 L / min
Ultimate Pressure 5 Pa
Oil Capacity 220 ml
Rotating Speed 1720 / 1440 rpm
Weight 6.5kg
Dimension 243 x 114 x 207 mm
Power 90 / 120 W
Power Supply 110 V, 60 Hz / 220 V, 50 Hz



It can be used for vacuum packaging, vacuum freezing, gas analysis and other vacuum evacuations.

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