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Viscometer LVM-A20

Viscometer LVM-A20

Viscometer LVM-A20 is a floor standing instrument used to measure viscosity of fluid sample at specified shear rates. This model is LV (Low Viscosity) range viscometer which uses four set of spindles with a spindle protector. Easy operations, anti-static shell, metal lifter, temperature probe, durable axle, data transfer port, external storage supports, a lot of rotate speed options, etc. are some of the features which ensures safety of user along with ease of handling. It is used in medical laboratories, paint industry, oil and petroleum industry, etc.



Viscosity Range LV: 1 to 2000000 mPa.s
Rotation speed range 0.3 to 100 rpm (stepless)
Spindles LV: (1#, 2#, 3#, 4# spindles) (0# is optional)
Accuracy ± 1.0 % (of full range)
Repeatability 0.005
Options in Unit mPa.s, Pa.s, dPa.s, cP, P, cPs
Probe Built-in RTD temperature probe
Display 7 inch touch screen display
Packaging Dimension 410 × 380 × 410 mm
Net Weight 10 kg
Gross Weight 12 kg



It is used to measure viscosity of fluid samples like latex, glue, paint, oil, polymer solutions, medicine, cosmetic, juice etc.

Optional Accessories

Sr. No. Accessories Name
1 DV Software
2 Thermostatic water bath
3 Ultra-low viscosity adapter
4 Small sample adapter
5 Micro printer
6 External circulatory glass beaker

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