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Sand and Dust Test Chamber LSC-A10

Sand and Dust Test Chamber LSC-A10

Labtron manufactures an excellent quality, corrosion resistant sand test chamber that test the stability, quality, reactivity and characteristics of product against the sand and dust exposed environmental conditions. The test chamber is carefully designed as per the CE and ISO standards and provides protection against current leakage, overload, over-current, short circuit, over temperature, motor overheating, over pressure for safe and precise results.



Temperature range Ambient to + 50 ℃
Relative Humidity < 30 % RH
Normal wire diameter 50 um
Normal width of a gap between wire 75 um
The Talcum powder amount 2 kg ~ 4 kg / m3
Fight time 0 ~ 99 H 59 M
Fan cycle time 0 ~ 99 H 59 M
Specimen power outlet Dust-proof socket AC220V 16A
Vacuum system Equipped with a pressure gauge, air filter, pressure regulator, connecting tube
Circulating fan Enclosed alloy low-noise motor, multi-vane centrifugal fan
Heating system Independent Nichrome electronic heating system
Internal dimensions 800 × 1000 × 1000 mm
Overall dimensions 1040 × 1450 × 1960 mm
Nominal power 5500 W
Power supply 380 V 50 Hz



Used to test the products quality such as electronic, plastic products, electrical appliances, metals, chemicals, building materials, aerospace, medical care, food and beverages.

Sand Test Chamber