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Water Bath Shaker LWBS-A10

Water Bath Shaker LWBS-A10

Water Bath Shaker LWBS-A10 is fabricated with stainless steel lid cover surface. LED display with PID temperature control and reciprocating shaking mode and shaking frequency start up about 300 rpm/step less speed adjustment with range RT +5 to 99°C. Applicable for all kinds of reagents bottle, health care, petroleum chemical industry and disease control.



Shaking mode Reciprocating
Working size 490 × 390 × 160 mm
Clamp size 390 × 290 mm
Temperature range RT + 5 to 99°C
Temperature fluctuation ± 0.5°C
Power 2000 W
Timer range 0 to 120 min/ with no limit
Shaking frequency Startup - 300 rpm, step less speed adjustment
Amplitude 20 mm
Internal Dimension 710 × 510 × 450 mm
External Dimension 800 × 600 × 550 mm
Net Weight 35 kg
Gross Weight 50 kg



Water Bath Shaker has been widely used in health care colleges, petroleum chemical industry, hygiene and disease control, environmental monitoring as shaking and incubating instrument for varieties of fluid and solid chemical compound like biology, biochemistry, cell and bacteria and all kinds of reagent bottle.

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