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Water Purifier LWPUR-A10

Water Purifier LWPUR-A10

Water Purifier LWPUR-A10 is a system having an output capacity of 15 L/hr and a flow rate of 2 L/min. It provides both RO and ultrapure water for various laboratory needs. Advanced technology, easy installation procedure, water storage in tank (option), etc. are some of the features which ensures good water quality and required output. It finds applications in several laboratory, hospital, industrial operations.



Output (25°C) 15 Litres/hour
Flow rate Up to 2 litres/minute (with pressure tank)
Pure water outlet 1 : reverse osmosis water
RO water quality
Ion rejection rate 96 to 99 % (with new RO membrane)
Organics rejection rate > 99 % (when MW > 200Dalton)
Particles and bacteria rejection rate > 99%
Bacteria < 0.1 cfu/ml (with optional 0.45+0.1 μm PES terminal filter)
Particle( >0.1μm) < 1/ml (with optional 0.45 + 0.1 μm PES terminal filter)
Pure water quality
Desalination rate Nearly 100 %
TDS RO water: 5 to 10 ppm
Resistivity 15-18 MΩ.cm
Conductivity 0.067 to 0.055 µs/cm
Pure water outlet RO water, deionized water
Purification System
Pre-treatment unit Special spun fibre cartridge
Special active carbon block cartridge
Special active carbon block cartridge
RO unit 100GPD RO membrane ×1
Subsequent Unit Mixed bed resin cartridge ×2
Working Environment
Inlet water Tap water (TDS < 200 ppm will be suggested). If inlet water TDS >200 ppm, pre-treatment is recommended. Water with higher TDS will affect the quality of outlet water and life of purification cartridge.
Feed water requirements For Tap water; temperature: 5 to 45℃, pressure: 1.0 to 4.0 Kgf/cm2
Other Details
Control System Automatic electronic pressure sensor, automatic stop without water, automatic cutting off if pump stops, RO membrane auto flushing , automatic stop when water tank full, Guarantees 24 hr work
Standard configuration Main body (Including 1 set of cartridge) + 4.0 gallon water tank + TDS/conductivity test pen
Electrical requirements AC 110 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power 72 W
Dimension (L× W × H) 410×220×420 mm
Weight about 16 kg



It is used to prepare ultra-pure and RO water. RO water is used in general biology experiments, agricultural experiments, ware washing, as an inlet for ultra-pure water etc. while ultrapure water is used in steam generators, injection water in healthcare, microanalysis, etc.

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