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Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet LCSC-A10

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet LCSC-A10

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet LCSC-A10 comes with Safety Height 200 mm (8 inches) of test opening, 440 mm (17 inches) of maximum opening, 465 m3/h (273 cfm) of exhaust volume and 0.73m3 of internal work area. Maintaining cleanliness within the work zone for patient safety and product cleanliness. Provide highest level of operator safety to protect the user’s personnel from hazardous compounds used in cytotoxic drugs. Incorporated with an advanced range of additional safety features. Spacious knee room is provided for the operator in a sitting position, ensuring comfort during use.



Exhaust Volume 465 m3/h (273 cfm)
Tested Opening Safety Height 200 mm (8 inches)
Max Opening 440 mm (17 inches)
Internal Work Area, Space 0.73 m3
Inflow Velocity 0.53 m/s
Down Flow Velocity 0.33 m/s
Air Supply Filter ULPA filter, efficiency > 99.999 % for particle size at 0.3 µm
Exhaust Filter 2 pieces HEPA filters, efficiency > 99.999 % for particle size at 0.3 µm
Filter life indicator and filter working time indicator
Alarm Abnormal airflow velocity; Filter replacement; Front window at unsafe height
Noise EN 12469 ≤ 58 dB/NSF 49 ≤ 61 dB
Water And Gas Tap Water Tap×1, Gas tap×1
UV Lamp 30 W×1
Emission of 253.7 nanometres for most efficient decontamination
UV life indicator
LED lamp 16 W×2
Illumination ≥ 1000 lux
Consumption 900 W
Waterproof Socket Two; Total load of two sockets: ≤ 500 W
Display LCD Display
Control System Microprocessor
Humidity And Temperature Humidity and temperature can be displayed on the control panel
Material Work Area:304 stainless steel Main Body: Cold- rolled steel with anti- bacteria powder coating
Front Window Motorized, two-layer laminated toughened glass ≥ 5 mm, anti UV
Caster Foot master Caster
Power Supply AC 220 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz; 110 V ± 10 %, 60Hz
Internal Size (W×D×H) 1220×600×630 mm
External Size (W×D×H) 1380×760×2100 mm
Package Size (W×D×H) 1540×910×2280 mm
Gross Weight 371 kg



Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet used in pharma industry, chemotherapy for preparing drugs. It is a solution for cytotoxic and antineoplastic drug processing, providing the highest level of patient, pharmacist and environmental protection.

Standard Accessories

Accessories No. Accessories Name Unit
1.        Base Stand 1 Piece
2.        Drain Valve 1 Piece
3.        Waterproof Sockets 2 Pieces
4.        Remote Control 1 Piece
5.        UV Lamp 2 Pieces
6.        LED Lamp 1 Piece
7.        Water Tap 1 Piece
8.        Gas Tap 1 Piece

Optional Accessories

Accessories No. Accessories Name
1.        Armrest
2.        Formalin Fumigation Sterilizer
3.        Infrared Sterilizer
4.        Airflow Tester
5.        PVC Duct

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet