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Anaerobic Jar LAJ-B20

Anaerobic Jar LAJ-B20

Anaerobic Jar LAJ-B20 is a hermetic type jar comprising transparent jar and lid with 25 R petri-dish holder. Features PMMA material with extremely smooth surface and excellent air tight performance. Designed with strong jar-lid clamp construction and O-ring sealing, this anaerobic jar is adopted with quick snap-shut coupling, enables one swift move connection to system. With colored stainless-steel clamp and power electro-static painting, it is shock and impact resistant with durability and convenience for experimental management.



Type Hermetic type
Time taken (to attain anaerobic condition) 4 hours
O-ring Yes
Contents Single stack of 12 dishes (ɸ90 to 100 mm)
Petri dish holder 25 R
Material PMMA material
Clamp Colored stainless-steel clamp
Quick snap-shut coupling Yes
Packaging dimensions (L×W×H) 245×215×395 mm
Gross weight 2.5 kg



Anaerobic Jars are used for anaerobic incubation (anaerobiosis) of bacterial cultures for research and testing across the fields of microbiology, biotechnology, pathology, virology and CDC.

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