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Cyto-low speed centrifuge LLS-A10

Cyto-low speed centrifuge LLS-A10

Cyto-low speed centrifuge LLS-A10 is a benchtop unit offers 4000 rpm maximum speed, 6 * 30 ml capacity and 2500* g RCF. It’ a microprocessor controlled system with digital display to set RCF, speed and time required for the operations. Designed with three layers of protective steel covering and stainless steel chamber. It is suitable for all kinds of diagnostics and can be used for analysis of complete range of body fluids.



Max. speed 2800rpm
Max. RCF 1180×g 
Max. Capacity 6×30ml
Timer range 0~99min
Speed accuracy ±20rpm
Noise ≤60dBA
Weight 14 kg
Power supply AC220V/50Hz, 2A
Dimension (LxWxH) 280×528×370 mm



Cyto-Low Speed Centrifuge is widely used in the field of biochemistry, in separation of blood components, for analysis in diagnostic laboratories and research institutes.

Rotor Selection

Rotor Type Max. Speed (rpm) Max. Capacity (ml) Max. RCF (x g)
Cyto Rotor 01 4000 6 x 30 2500

Low Speed Centrifuge