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Medical Autoclave LMA-A20

Medical Autoclave LMA-A20

Medical Autoclave LMA-A20 is a table-top, Class B autoclave comprising vacuum drying offers sterilization temperature of 134°C with 0.22 MPa of pressure. Features stainless steel 304 chamber with mirror finish and a sealing cover, double pressure protection safety door lock and 23 L of capacity. Equipped with automatic computer control, LCD dynamic display for simple and convenient operating interface, liquid sensor for water level and temperature protection device. Built-in independent steam generator, safety pressure protection lock and automatic induction sterilizing cavity pressure, this device have open type top water tank. With manual timer of 0 to 90 min, user could set the time as per his requirement; could set 5 min or 10 min or 18 min. Optional USB function and U disk for storage and B&D test, helix test, and Vacuum test program, this device offers reset sterilization procedures, three pre-vacuum and vacuum deep drying function, sterilization and the adjustable drying time.



Type B-type; Table-top
Capacity 23 L
Sterilization temperature 134°C
Sterilization time 0 to 90 min
Pressure 0.22 MPa
No. of trays 3 (stainless steel)
Chamber dimension (Ф×D) 247×450 mm
Dry procedure Vacuum drying
Test programs B&D test, Helix Test, and Vacuum test program
Door lock Double pressure protection safety door lock
Steam generator Built-in; independent
Sensor Liquid sensor for water
Temperature protection device Yes
Water tank Open type
Material 304 stainless steel with mirror finish
Controller Automatic computer control
Display LCD
Power supply 110 to 220 V/50 to 60 Hz
Power 2000 W
External dimensions (W×D×H) 790×590×540 mm
Weight 58 kg



Medical autoclave is used to provide rapid sterilization for the items that are resistant to saturated steam, such as surgical dental ophthalmic instruments, glassware, chemicals, culture media, fabric accessories and food across the fields of dental, medical, clinical, podiatry, veterinary, microbiology, biotechnology and life science research.

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