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Multi-Viewing Biological Microscope LMB-A11

Multi-Viewing Biological Microscope LMB-A11

Multi-viewing biological microscope LMB-A11 is designed to observe one specimen by several people together at the same time. These multi-viewing microscopes has fine focusing knob adjustment for sharp and clear image of the specimen. This modular microscope has high S-LED as a source of illumination. They are suitable for demonstration & teaching purpose. They are user-friendly and highly reliable.



Viewing Head Sliding type binocular head, inclined at 45° (1 pcs)
Monocular head, inclined at 45º (2 pcs)
Eyepiece Wide field eyepiece WF10X (4 pcs)
Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine focus adjustment, fine division 0.002 mm
Objective Achromatic objective 4x, 10x, 40x(s), 100x(s,oil)
Stage Double layer mechanical stage: 140×140 mm Moving stage: 75×50 mm
Illumination S-LED Illumination, brightness adjustable
Nosepiece Quadruple nosepiece
Dimension 570×180×220 mm
Net weight 6 kg
Gross weight 8 kg



This Multi-viewing biological microscope has wide applications in pathology, medical diagnostic, molecular biology, and other scientific institute for demonstration & research purpose.

Optional Accessories

Illumination outfit: Halogen lamp 6V/20W

Multi-Viewing Microscope