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Portable Octane Number and Cetane Meter LOCT-A20

Portable Octane Number and Cetane Meter LOCT-A20

Portable Octane Number and Cetane Meter LOCT-A20 is a portable detector used for octane and cetane number measurement, based on theory of insulate magnetic permeability and electromagnetic induction. It offers 60 ×100 mm sensor and 15 hours operating time duration. The precise sensors can measure out parameters fluctuation of the tiny mediums, to get result of octane and cetane. The interface is use friendly with longer standby-cyclic charging battery. It has external cover with high strength, shock resistance and water, dust and moisture proof performance.



Measurement item motor gasoline and diesel
measurement unit of octane is ON 40 to 120
Permissible error of octane ± 0.5 max
Fluctuate range of octane ± 0.2 max
measurement unit of cetane is CN 20 to 100
Permissible error of cetane ± 1 max
Fluctuate range of cetane ± 0.5 max
Measurement time ± ˂ 20
Critical value for battery 2.5 V
Sensor 60 ×100 mm
Temperature -10˚C to 40˚C
Humidity 30 % to 81 % RH
Barometric pressure 64 to 106 kPa
Measurement of octane standard ASTM D2699-86, ASTM D2700-86
Measurement of cetane standard ASTM D4737-03
Operation duration 15 h
Display LED screen, printable result
Power consumption 30 ma
Weight 5 kg (max)



Portable Octane Number and Cetane Meter is used in Research Octane Number (RON) of unleaded gasoline, ethanol blended gasoline, leaded gasoline and Cetane Number for diesel fuels.

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