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Radio Frequency Identification Water Purification System LRFW-C10

Radio Frequency Identification Water Purification System LRFW-C10

Radio Frequency Identification Water Purification System LRFW-C10 a desktop type, microcomputer controlled, water purification device consist of pre-treatment system, RO system, ultrapure water system conveying unit, control system ,and a RFID Radio Frequency Identification Chip to check on the quality of water in real time. The user-friendly touch screen feature to display date, conductivity, resistivity, filter lifespan etc. information. It offers water purification rate of ≥ 10 L/ h, with Ultrapure Water Flow Rate 2 L/ min. The pre-treatment process filters out impurities in the raw water, such as tiny particles, suspended solids and colloid and reduce inlet water turbidity, prevents fouling of RO membrane. RO membrane, effectively removes all kinds of salt ions, organics, bacteria and virus in water. Membrane pure water pump to achieve intake ultrapure water speed up to 1 to 1.5 L/ min. Ultra-purification system consist of ion exchange resin and special flow design, effectively remove the trace ions in water; guarantee the stability of water quality. The 0.22 µm membrane or hollowed fiber membrane filter, filter out pollutants larger than 0.22 μm, making the particles content <1/ml. The 254 nm UV lamp removes the bacteria in the system, and 185 nm UV lamp used to segment or ionize long chain, in preparation for the subsequent deionization and organic absorption.



Feed Water Tap Water , TDS ≤ 400 ppm, Water Temperature: 5 to 40°C
Water Production Rate ≥ 10 L/ h, Ultrapure Water Flow Rate 2 L/ min
Water Quality (Two Stage) Ultrapure water: Resistivity: 18.25 MΩ.cm at 25°C conforms to ASTM CAP NCCLS
Free Chlorine < 3 ppm
TOC < 5 ppb
Microorganisms < 1 cfu/ ml
Pyrogens < 0.025 EU/ ml
Particles < 1/ ml (> 0.22 µm)
Absorbance < 0.001 (254 nm, 1 cm optical distance)
Reactive Silica < 0.01 ppm
Heavy Metal < 0.01 ppm
Ambient Temperature 5 to 40°C
Relative Humidity 10 to 80 %
Display 5 inch Touch screen display to view test parameters
Power Consumption 150 W
Power Supply 220 V, 60 Hz
Dimension 345 × 537 × 540 mm Main body
Weight 36 kg



Radio Frequency Water Purification System is used in Molecular biology and life sciences, Animal cells and plant cell culture, Tissue culture, IVF, Electrophoresis, gel analysis, etc. for sample preparation, medium preparation, molecule analysis etc.

Standard Accessories

PP Filter Activated Carbon Filter Water Softener Filter Stage PP filter

Flow Schematic

Tap water- 1st stage PP filter - 2nd activated carbon filter- 3rd resin softener- 4th stage PP filter - Stage I booster pump- Stage I reverse osmosis membrane- Stage II booster pump- Stage II reverse osmosis membrane- Pure water tank- pure water dispensing pump- Grade III pure water outlet- UV lamp- Ultra-purification package- Ultra filtration membrane- Final micro-filtration- Grade I ultrapure water outlet

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