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DIN abrasion tester TDAT-A10

DIN abrasion tester TDAT-A10

DIN abrasion tester TDAT-A10 determines abrasion resistance of rubber made products, natural rubber, vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic amorphous polymers to withstand the long term damage as a result of friction due to its excessive use. The ratio between standard loss of rubber material & test rubber material, expressed in percentage, marks the abrasion resistance index of sample under test.



Test arm weight 2.5 N
Additional Loads 2.5 ± 0.1 N, 5 ± 0.1 N, 10 ± 0.1 N,
Idler 150 mm
Abrasion stroke 40 ± 0.2 M
Horizontal displacement 4.2 mm/ rotation
Stroke 20 m/ 40 m presetting
Grips lateral displacement 4.2 ± 0.04 mm/ rotation
Idler wheel speed 40 ± 1 rpm
Measurement mode Auto/ manual presetting
Specimen size Diameter 16 mm, thickness at least 6 mm
Emery cloth specifications 60 # seam is less than 2 mm
Shift screw 6 teeth/ inch
Limit rotation 85 rotate
Set rotation 84 rotation of 40 meters
Return form Electric automatic reset
Net Weight 75 kg
Dimension 950 × 660 × 310 mm
Power supply 220 V, 50 / 60Hz



DIN abrasion tester is used to determine the abrasion resistance of elastomers by the frictional loss of the rubber in products such as tires, conveyor belts, hoses, footwear, floor covering, thermoplastic amorphous polymers etc.

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