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Medical Refrigerator LMR-A10

Medical Refrigerator LMR-A10

The Medical Refrigerator LMR-A10 is an upright type freezer comes with 260 L capacity. Offers 2°C to 8°C adjustable temperature range with increment at 0.1°C and digital temperature displays with 0.1°C resolution Incorporated with microprocessor controlled system with interior LED display for ease of monitoring. Equipped with eco- friendly refrigerant HCFC-Free and CFC-freezer. Designed with forced air cooling system and auto defrost. Built in with exterior epoxy coated, anti-bacteria and easy cleaning. With 4 shelves design and 4 casters which aids in easy mobility and handling The spirit pharmacy refrigerator is suitable for installation in drug stores, pharmacy companies, hospitals, epidemic prevention centres to store medicines, testing kits, reagents, vaccines etc.



Temperature Range 2 to 8°C
Uniformity ± 3°C
Cabinet Type Upright
Gross Capacity 260 L
Climate Class 10 to 32°C
Cooling Type Forced Air Cooling
Defrost Mode Automatic
Refrigerant CFC-Free
Door Single Glass Door
Electrical Heater Optional
Noise 42 dB
Temperature Control Microprocessor
Display LED
Self 4
Power Supply 220 V to 240 V/50 Hz to 60 Hz
Power 254 W
Internal Dimension (W×D×H) 500×420×1090 mm
External Dimension (W×D×H) 580×560×1785 mm
Packing Dimension (W×D×H) 710×665×1900 mm
Net Weight 63 kg
Gross Weight 65 kg



The Medical Refrigerator is designed to store reagent, vaccines, blood plasma, and many other biological materials which is widely used in research, electronic, clinics, institution and medical fields. It is suitable for use in culture media, reagents and samples for testing, as well as for storage of enzymes for genetic research.

Optional Accessories

Sr.No Name of Accessories Quantity
                                            1.           Test Hole 1
                                            2.           Printer 1
                                            3.           Chart Recorder 1
                                            4.           USBI Interface 1
                                            5.           Data Logger 1

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