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Automatic Colony Counter LCCA-A10

Automatic Colony Counter LCCA-A10

Automatic Colony Counter LCCA-A10 is equipped with high resolution CCD Camera lens. Incorporated with advanced Smart Counter software for accurate automatic microbial colony counting. Open platform design, bottom LED light source makes it user friendly counter. Encrypted USB-key guarantees data security, and convenient data management.



Camera True Color high definition CCD camera
CCD Resolution 5,000,000 pixels
Counting Software Smart counter software
Language English
Colony size resolution > 0.1 mm
Colony color recognition 8 colors
Applicable methods Plate type Spread plate, Pour plate, Membrane filter, Spiral plate
Counting speed 300, less than 3 seconds
Light source Long life dual LCD light
Working temperature 0 to 50°C
Material ABS plastic
Size of Petri dish 90 mm and 55 mm standard
Host Dimension 290 × 260 × 380 mm
Weight 3 kg
Power 20 W
Power supply AC 110 to 220 V, 50 Hz



Used in automatic colony counting, reading for quantitative studies, quality and research purpose across microbiology, hospitals, cosmetic, food industries, and pharmaceuticals units.

Automatic Colony Counter