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Benchtop Refractometer LBR-A10

Benchtop Refractometer LBR-A10

Benchtop refractometer LBR-A10 is an automated unit with high performance linear CCD photosensitive components. Adopts high precision signal collection and analysis technology. Equipped with a sapphire prism for precise refraction and TFT colour touch screen. It measures the refractive index and determines the sugar content of various liquids.



Measuring range 1.3000 nD ~ 1.7000 nD
Brix range 0.0 ~ 100 %
Temperature control RT
Temperature control stability RT
Brix accuracy ± 0.1 %
Fine degrees ± 0.0002
Data interface USB RS232
Wavelength 589 nm
Power 220 V / 50 Hz



Used in measuring sugar content of solutions in laboratories, brewing and food industry, chemical industry, research institutes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic industry, petroleum industry, etc.

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