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Benchtop Vacuum Packing Machine LVPM-A10

Benchtop Vacuum Packing Machine LVPM-A10

Benchtop Vacuum Packing machine LVPM-A10 is a single-chamber vacuum packaging machine with 150 W sealing power. Material used for packing includes plastic composite film or plastic aluminium foil composite film. The machine is equipped with vacuum degree, heat-sealing time and other adjustment devices to achieve the best vacuum packaging effect. It is easy to operate, user need to press the vacuum chamber cover, then press the set procedure to complete the vacuum pumping. The vacuum packed products from this machine ensures well protection against oxidation, mildew, damage due to moth, and damp, thus extending the storage period of the product.



Sealing length 260 mm
Sealing width 8 mm
Sealing bar chamber 1
Sealing power 150 W
Vacuum pump motor power 320 W
Ultimate vacuum 1 Kpa
Vacuum pump rate 8 m3/h
Product maximum length 280 mm
Chamber material Stainless steel
Voltage AC 220V/50Hz
Chamber dimension 320×275×50 mm



It finds wide application range in vacuum packing and sealing (thereby increasing long shelf life) of solid, liquid, powder, paste foods, grains, fruits, pickles, preserved fruits, chemicals, electronic components, precision instruments, rare metals, etc. It can also be used in gift packaging, textile packaging, toy packaging.

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