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Dual Flow Particle Counter LDPC-A10

Dual Flow Particle Counter LDPC-A10

Dual flow particle counter LDPC-A10 is a six channel microcomputer controlled unit. It employs dual flow rate and a built-in air pump. It features a provision of simultaneous counting of six different size ranges with real time monitoring. The particle count data can be conveniently viewed, downloaded or printed directly using the in-built printer.



Particle size channels 0.3 µm, 0.5 µm, 1.0 µm, 3.0 µm, 5.0 µm, 10.0 µm
0.3 µm, 0.5 µm, 1.0 µm, 2.0 µm, 3.0 µm, 5.0 µm
Flow rates 2.83 L/min
50 mL/min
Sensitivity 0.3 µm
Test class Class 100 ∼ Class 300,000
Test period 1 min ∼ 10 min ( 10 levels )
Life of light source ˃ 30,000 hours
Self-clean time ≤ 10 min
Operating temperature range 10 °C to 35 °C
Operational humidity ≤ 75 % RH
Power 220 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz ± 2 Hz
Power dissipation 15 W
Dimensions 215 x 255 x 110 mm
Weight 2.6 kgs



Used in clean room monitoring, indoor air quality testing, HEPA filter performance testing, tracking particle sources, detects environmental purification levels; monitoring of biosafety cabinets, clean benches, computer rooms, HVAC system performance, food and beverage packing, hospitals: pharmacy and surgery, medical device assembly, aerospace assembly, paint spray booths, etc.

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