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Filtered Chemical Storage Cabinet LFCS-A10

Filtered Chemical Storage Cabinet LFCS-A10

Filtered Chemical Storage Cabinet LFCS-A10 is a ductless, floor standing storage cabinet. Enables fast purification of air within 24 hours, minimizing the health hazards. Designed with adjustable shelves and large PP drawers, enables convenient storage of chemicals. It releases purified air back into the room free of any toxic hazardous vapors, making it an ideal solution for every laboratory offering protection from the toxic vapors and noxious odors of harmful chemicals. It’s anti-corrosive, transparent acrylic door with large touch screen display offers safety monitoring and makes the handling of hazardous chemicals easier



External Dimension (W×D×H) 800 × 510 × 2070 mm
Internal Dimension (W×D×H) 797 × 475 × 1604 mm
Adjustable Shelf 8 pcs
Display 7 inch LED touch screen
Each shelf capacity 30 kg
Air capacity 220 m3/h
Blower 1 pc, speed adjustable
Door material 6 mm transparent acrylic
Shelf material PP, anti-corrosive, strong acid & alkali resistant
Main body material 1.2 mm galvanized steel with epoxy resin powder coating
Standard filter 4 pcs
Optional filter type OG: Organic filter AG: Inorganic filter
FO: Formaldehyde filter AO: Ammonia filter
H14: HEPA filter
Power supply AC 220 V ; 50 Hz
Net weight 85 kg
Gross weight 150 kg
Packaging size (W×D×H) 900 × 610 × 2370 mm



Used for storage of wide variety of chemicals in research laboratories and bio-pharmaceutical industries, used in handling and preparations of cytotoxic chemicals in the laboratories of chemotherapy, pharmacy during chemical processes.

Filtered Chemical Storage Cabinet