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Floor Balance LFRB-A10

Floor Balance LFRB-A10

Floor Balance LFRB-A10 is high precision weighing scale with 160 kg capacity. The operation temperature range is from 5 to 25˚C and offers 10 g resolution. Designed with LED display and load cell sensor. The measuring device is widely used by enterprises and scientific research institutions, weighing material at large scale.



Capacity 160 kg
Sensor Load cell
Resolution 10 g
Min weighing 50 g
Stable Time ≤ 2 S
Display LED
Pan Size 450 × 600 mm
Operation temperature 5 to 25˚C
Repeatability ± 20 g
Liner ± 30 g
Option RS232C & RS485, Printer
Dimension 420 × 170 × 850 mm
Gross weight 13 kg



Floor Balance is used for weighing as quality control device with check weighing functions and stable weighing system, full range tare, counting, units conversion function.

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