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Fluorometer LFFM-A12 is the next generation of benchtop dual-channel Fluorometer, features 460 ± 20 nm and 525 ± 20 nm excitation filter and measures dsDNA concentration with high sensitivity lower DNA detection limit of 0.5 ng/ul. It offers blue and green channel fluorescence to measure fluorescence intensity of fluorescent reagent that combines with target molecule to read concentration of sample. Designed to accurately detect high-sensitive fluorescence while quantifying DNA, RNA, and protein.



Dynamic range Five orders of magnitude
Linear dynamic range R2 >0.995
Processing time 3s (Once)
Light source Blue LED Green LED
Excitation filters 460 ± 20 nm 525 ± 20 nm
Emission filters 525 to 570 nm (45 nm) 575 to 640 nm (65 nm)
Detector Photodiode
Repeatability <1.5 %
Stability <1.5 %
Sensitivity ds DNA: 0.5 ng/ml
Dimension 194 × 155 × 72.5 mm
Weight 0.4 kg



Fluorometer is used for processing scarce and difficult samples, for low quantity of DNA, RNA, or protein after extraction, also, in expensive experiments: q PCR, PCR cloning, transfection, the next generation sequencing and etc. Applied for Nucleic acid quantification, Plant GUS reporter gene detection, Apoptosis detection.

Standard Accessories

Accessories no.Name
1Adapter for 0.5ml qPCR tube

Optional Accessories

Accessories no.Name
1Adapter for 0.2ml qPCR tube

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