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Friability Tester LTFT-A10

Friability Tester LTFT-A10

Friability Tester LTFT-A10 is a benchtop tablet friability tester with single path, and synchronously running two drums. The number of turns and rotating speed of friability tester is in accordance with international standards, to enable convenient dispensing, modifications and operations. For research and quality purpose, high accuracy is achieved by testing speed and circle number in this friability tester.



Number of cylinder 2
Rotating speed of cylinders 25 rpm
Rotating accuracy ± 1 rpm
Counting mode Adopted with countdown, 100 turns can be set arbitrarily
Inner diameter of cylinder 286 mm
Cylinder depth 39 mm
Sliding height 156 mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 370 × 300 × 340 mm
Weight About 12 kg
Total power 20 W
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz



Used to detect friability, abrasion of non-coated tablets, coated tablets, capsules, mechanical stability, and collision resistance across pharmaceutical, medicine, and cosmetics for quality and research purpose.

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