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Glass Water distiller LGWD-A10

Glass Water distiller LGWD-A10

Glass Water distiller LGWD-A10 is a dual water distiller, equipped with quartz glass heater for saving energy, for easy cleaning and long life. High purity water is obtained through the secondary distillation. High quality glass distillers are used to avoid contact between water and metal part. Distillation switch is controlled through temperature controller and a reed water leveler.



Water discharge 1600 ml/ h
Input power 3.0 kW
Outer dimension 700 × 340 × 800 mm
Power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Net weight 12 kg
Gross weight 14 kg



Used to obtain pure distilled water required for different preparations across research and testing laboratories of pharmacy, biotechnology, tissue culture, microbiology, chemistry and other fields.

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