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Handheld Homogenizer LHHH-A10

Handheld Homogenizer LHHH-A10

Handheld Homogenizer LHHH-A10 is a high shear, ultra-fine, dispersing emulsifier (homogenizer) driven by a high-speed imported motor, suitable for a variety of applications across bio-pharma, tissue culture, food processing, and other industries. It offers quick and easy to connect and detach SS316 stainless steel dispersing head for various capacity. The drive host adopts high quality engineering plastics and die-cast aluminium alloy as the body and the operation state is stable. The working head is made of high-quality stainless steel. The safe controlling and adjustment of running speed to modify the experiment at any time as needed ensures effective operation of the experiment.



Work mode S1 min (continuous)
Speed control type Speed dial
Operation Control Method 6 gears
Speed adjustment range 13000 to 34000 rpm
Material of the Operating head SS 316
Work head fitting specifications 8 / 10 / 12 / 18 / 24G
Permissible ambient temperature Not more than 40°C
Permissible relative humidity Not more than 80 %
Input power 710 W
Output power 430 W
Rated electric current 3.4 A
Rated torque 12.1 N.cm
Voltage AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Overall dimension 215 × 310 × 720 mm
Weight 5.5 kg



Widely used for mixing and emulsification of low-to-medium, high-viscosity liquids. It also disperses homogeneous particles and disrupts tissue cells in liquid media across laboratories and testing centres. It Serves Range of Applications across biochemistry, biotechnology, tissue culture industry, pharma industry.

Work Head Specifications

Work head specifications 8G 10G 12G 18G 24G
Mixing capacity (H2O) 15 to 50 ml 20 to 100 ml 30 to 800 ml 50 to 1500 ml 80 to 5000 ml
Maximum viscosity tolerated 1000 mpa.s 1000 mpa.s 1000 mpa.s 2000 mpa.s 5000 mpa.s
Peak linear speed of the rotor 10 m/s 11 m/s 12 m/s 15 m/s 24 m/s
Minimum height of the liquid immersed 15 mm 25 mm 35 mm 45 mm 50 mm
Maximum height of the liquid immersed 105 mm 130 mm 150 mm 160 mm 165 mm
Stater diameter 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm 18 mm 24 mm
Work head length 156 mm 182 mm 215 mm 222 mm 225 mm
Max temperature tolerated 120°C 120°C 120°C 120°C 120°C
Work head material SS316 SS316 SS316 SS316 SS316

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