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Image particle shape and size analyzer LISA-A10

Image particle shape and size analyzer LISA-A10

Image particle shape and size analyzer LISA-A10 is an easy to operate and accurate particle characterization tool for measuring over 1μm -6000μm particle size range. It uses computer image analysis technology to analyze and process particle information obtained through well designed professional optical microscope and latest high speed CMOS camera to determine particle size distribution and particle morphology.



Measuring range 1μm to 6000 μm
Technology Computer image analysis technology
Particle properties measured Morphology & size
Particle shape parameters Aspect ratio, sphericity, surface ratio, specific surface area, circumscribed rectangle parameters etc.
Executive standard ISO13322-1: 2004
Camera system
Digital camera 3 million pixels
Pixel size 3.2 μm x 3.2 μm
Output USB 2.0
Software function
Static collection Take the sample morphology into high resolution JPG image
Single particle photo data Cross-sectional area, volume, aspect ratio etc.
Characteristic parameter D10, D50, D90, D100 etc.
Microscope system
Light source 6 V/20 W halogen lamp
Objective lens 4X, 10X, 40X, 60X, 100X long distance achromatic (flat field) lens group
Eyepiece lens 1X,10X,16X wide field camera eyepiece lens
Maximum amplification 1600
Stage dimension 185 × 140 mm
Stage moving range 50 × 75 mm



Image particle shape and size analyzer is used in: pharmaceutical research and quality control applications, food products particle sizing application, chemical industry for particle sizing applications like granulation, milling, crystallization kinetics and product formulation applications, abrasives, catalysts, ceramics etc.

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