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Infrared hotplate LIRH-A10

Infrared hotplate LIRH-A10

Infrared hotplate LIRH-A10 is a corrosion resistant ceramic glass plate with transmittance of infrared light for faster and uniform heating of sample. With a resistance of thermal shock upto 700 °C it boils 1 L of water within 10 minutes. Features an LCD screen displaying preset and actual temperature for monitoring of process. High-temperature indicator warns the user preventing burning injuries.



Display mode LCD
Heating power 1.2 kW
Time to boil 1 L H20 10 mins
Heating zone ᴓ 155 mm
Maximum capacity 25 L
Maximum hotplate temperature 550 °C
Top plate area ( W x L ) 285 x 285 mm
Top plate material Glass ceramic
Admissible ambient temperature 10 °C ~ 40 °C
Admissible air humidity 0.85
Protection category IP20
Protection class 1
Dimensions 395 x 295 x 110 mm



Used to uniformly heat samples and to heat glassware in a laboratory setting

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