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Manual Polarimeter LPMR-A10

Manual Polarimeter LPMR-A10

Polorimeteter LPMR-A10 is an optical instruments which comes with 589nm standard sodium lamp and (-180) °C to 180 °C measurement range for determining the concentration of the optical active substance, dissolved in an optically inactive liquid. The angle of rotation to be measured depends on the nature of the test sample, the concentration of the optically active components, wavelength of light, temperature of the test sample & optical path length.



Measuring range (-180) °C to 180 °C
Scale value
Vernier scale 0.05°
Magnifier 3X
Wavelength 589 nm
Light source Sodium lamp (built-in)
Test tube length 50 / 100 / 200 mm
Dimension (L × W × H) 500 × 135 × 330 mm
Power AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Weight 5 kg



Polarimeters are used in pharmaceuticals and chemical industry for testing of stereo isomers and other compounds, they are also used in food sugar, research industry.

Optional Accessories

Polarimeter test tube: 100 / 200 mm
Sodium lamp: 589 nm

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