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Nano Spectrophotometer LNS-A10

Nano Spectrophotometer LNS-A10

Nano spectrophotometer with full spectrum light covers wide wavelength range of 200 to 800nm. It requires only 0.5 - 2.0 µl micro-volume sample for measurement which takes place within 5 seconds. It utilizes CCD detector, Xenon flash lamp as light source which has high stability and long operating life. They are used to detect micro volume quantities of nucleic acids and other concentrated or dilute components.



Wavelength range 200 - 800 nm
Path length 0.2 mm (For high concentration measurement); 1.0 mm (For ordinary)
Wavelength accuracy ± 1 nm
Wavelength Resolution ≤ 3 nm (FWHM at Hg 546 nm)
Minimum Sample size 0.5 - 2.0 µl
Absorbance range 0.02 - 90 A (10mm equivalent)
Absorbance precision 0.003 Abs
Absorbance accuracy 1 % ( 7.332 Abs at 260 nm)
Light source Xenon flash lamp
Measurement time < 8 s
Operating Voltage 24 V DC
Sample Pedestal Material Aluminum alloy and Quartz fiber
Detector Type 3864-element linear silicon CCD array
Software Compatibility Windows 7, Windows XP
Detects nucleic acid up to 2 - 4500 ng/µL (dsDNA)
Operating Power Consumption 20 W
Standby Power Consumption 5 W
Dimension 200 x 250 x 166 mm
Weight 2.6 kg



Nano spectrophotometer are used in detection of micro volume quantities of DNA/RNA and chemicals , liquids and its components in laboratory, food industries, chemistry, microbiology, medicine research and development.

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