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Platelet Incubator LPTI-A10

Platelet Incubator LPTI-A10

Platelet Incubator LPTI-A10 is a continuous side-to-side motion agitation incubator which operates at a temperature range of 4°C to 26°C with one agitation chamber. Equipped with stainless steel wire shelf system to enable easy sliding and mounting. System features precise temperature control, large data storage, real-time temperature trends and alarming for temperature limits, open door, low voltage and power off conditions. Galvanized steel exterior with chrome-nickel interior improves toughness and durability. The customization in the 4°C to 37°C temperature range is optional.



Temperature range 4°C to 26°C
No. of Platelet agitator 1
Internal dimensions 572 × 495 × 495 mm
Stroke speed 60 strokes / min
Base material Galvanized steel
Interior construction Chrome-Nickel plating with LED lighting
Thermostat sensitivity 0.1°C
Data storage Stores data up to 30 days
Connectivity USB port
Power supply 195-230 V/50 Hz
External dimensions 695 × 600 × 895 mm
Mobility 4 castor wheels
Weight 95 kg



Used in diagnostic laboratories, hospital blood banks, blood transfusion centres, clinical pathology laboratories.

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