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Rotary Microtome LRMI-A10

Rotary Microtome LRMI-A10

Rotary Microtome LRMI-A10 is a manually operated (Paraffin embedded tissue block) cutting device with advance technology, offers slice thickness range of 0 to 60 µm. Features clipper-built case, handwheel with lock system, ensures safety of user. Equipped with 10° blade holder, provides ± 25 mm of movement range for blade holder base with maximum slice section of 50 × 45 mm. With multiple section thickness setting, specimen orientation system with 180° axis, this rotary microtome provides precision, control and comfort for making microscopic preparations for subsequent illumination.



Slice thickness range 0 to 60 µm
Section thickness setting 0 to 2 µm in 0.5 µm increment
2 to 10 µm in 1 µm increment
10 to 20 µm in 2 µm increment
20 to 60 µm in 5 µm increment
Specimen stroke Horizontal: 20 mm; Vertical: 50 mm
Slip precision ± 5%
Maximum slice section 50 × 45 mm
Specimen adjustment direction Horizontal: 8°; Vertical: 8°
Specimen adjustment rotation 180°
Blade holder base movement range Front; Back; Left; Right: ± 25 mm
Blade holder angle 10°
Packaging dimension (L×W×H) 620×525×455 mm
Gross weight 45 kg



Rotary microtome is used for the preparation of samples for observation under transmitted light or electron radiation, to cut thin sections of paraffin-embedded tissues across biology, medicine, immunohistochemistry, electron microscopy, cryo-sectioning, cytology, biotechnology etc.

Standard Accessories

Disposable blade holder × 1 pc
Specimen cassette × 1 pc
Hexagonal wrench × 1 set
Brush × 1 pc

Optional Accessories

Feather microtome blade

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