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Salt Spray Test Chamber LSSC-A10

Salt Spray Test Chamber LSSC-A10

Salt Spray Test Chamber LSSC-A10 is a nichrome heater comprised salt spray test chamber, designed as per ASTMB117, ISO9227 configurations, comes with 110 L of capacity and built-in 20 L salt solution tank with a brine mixing system. Features adjustable Atomizer tower and Spray nozzles spraying system with continuous/periodic spray, covered the entire working space to form a diffuse state. Equipped with PID controller, PT100 Ω / MV A-class sensor and timer, it offers complete recording of spray time with precise temperature and control. Designed with Glass fiber reinforced plastics housing, transparent resin lid and hydrostatic hood seal, it has 6 round bars and 5 V-shaped grooves for different tests. With 31 L capacity of saturated air barrel protected against dry burning, this salt spray test chamber also offers protection against humidifier dry-combustion , over-temperature, over-current, water shortage and earth leakage.



Testing room capacity 110 L
Temperature range Ambient to +60°C
Humidity range 95 to 98% RH
Temperature Fluctuation ± 0.5 ℃
Temperature Deviation ± 2.0 ℃
Spray deposition 1 to 2 ml / 80 cm2 .h
Spray type Continuous /Periodic
Spraying system Atomizer tower and Spray nozzle
Air preheating Saturated air barrel; 31 L
Heating element Nichrome heater
Salt fog collection Fog collector and Fog measure cylinder
Standard sample holder 6 round bars and 5 V-shaped grooves
Controller PID
Sensor PT100 Ω / MV A-class sensor
Housing Glass fiber reinforced plastics
Lid Transparent resin lid
Sealing Hydrostatic hood seal
Protection Humidifier Dry-combustion Protection;
Over-temperature Protection;
Over-current Protection;
Water Shortage Protection;
Earth leakage Protection
Maximum noise 65 dBA
Power supply 220 V 50 Hz 1 P
Water solution tank dimension (W×D×H) 350×180×320 mm
Internal dimension (W×D×H) 600×460×400 mm
External dimension (W×D×H) 1100×700×1000 mm
Net weight 110 kg
Gross weight 185 kg



Salt spray test chamber is used to create and maintain the salt spray (fog) test environment, and test the anti-corrosion quality of all the materials surfaces after the rust-proof of painting, coating, electroplating, anodizing and rust-proof of greasing.

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