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Single Punch Tablet Press Machine LSTP-A10

Single Punch Tablet Press Machine LSTP-A10

Single Punch Tablet Press Machine LSTP-A10 comes with 60 KN Maximum pressure and offers 25 mm maximum diameter. Features a small desktop type press for motive and continual sheeting. It can also be hand-operated. Only one pair of punching die can be erected on this press. Both filling depth of material and thickness of tablet are adjustable. Designed with high precision of filling, low noise, low consumption, of material, and it works smoothly. The maximum consumption of lab material is just 200 g. Tablets of different granular materials are pressed under pressure for use in research and quality preparations across pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, cosmetic industry etc.



Maximum pressure 60 KN
Maximum diameter Tablet 25 mm
Maximum depth of filling 16 mm
Maximum thickness of tablet 10 mm
Production capacity 2500 PC/h
Dies 1 set of round shape dies
Motor power 1100 W
Motor speed 1400 rpm
Dimension 580 × 600 × 700 mm
Net weight 160 kg



Single Punch Tablet Press Machine is used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, hospital, science research institution also used in manufacturing, production of small amount of different kinds of tablet, sugar piece, calcium tablet and tablet of abnormal shape.

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