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Stainless Steel Water Distiller LSWD-A10

Stainless Steel Water Distiller LSWD-A10

LSWD-A10 is an electrical floor mounted single reservoir distillation unit. Stainless steel construction aids to produce germ-free distillate. Narrow piping connects heater column to heat exchanger for optimal distillate quality. Exhaust vent provides an outlet for odour or gases to be released without causing contamination.



Capacity 5 L/hr
Water consumption 1:10
Configuration Standard control
Water type Regular water
Power 220 V ; 2.5 kW
Single phase
Dimensions 365 × 368 × 845 mm
Weight 9 kgs



Used in laboratory, organic chemistry lab, fermentation and medical industry to produce industrial grade highly treated and distilled water suitable for laboratory usage.

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