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Tablet Hardness tester LTHT-A10

Tablet Hardness tester LTHT-A10

Tablet Hardness tester LTHT-A10 is designed to detect breaking strength of tablets. It tests hardness value of tablets with specific tablet diameter and specific hardness range. User can reset, recycle the test parameters as its LED screen automatically locks test data being displayed.



Hardness measurement range 2 to 196 N, 0.2 to 20 kg
Tablet diameter 2 to 20 mm
No. of testing tablets in each group ≤ 100 tablets
Built in printer No
Resolution 0.1N, 0.01 kg
Measurement accuracy ± 0.5%
Repeated measurement error ± 1 %
Power 10 W
Overall dimension (L × W × H) 280 × 180 × 110 mm
Gross Weight ≤ 20 kg



Used to detect breaking point of tablets for quality, research purpose across pharma, medicine, health, chemical industry.

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