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Tube Roller Mixer LTRM-A10

Tube Roller Mixer LTRM-A10

Tube Roller Mixer LTRM-A10 is a roller mixer with continuous operating type and rolling speed in the range 0 to 80 rpm. It is can be used for different requirements like rolling mixing, anticlockwise rolling and speed adjustable. It is used for mixing and blending of the blood, powder reagents, and total blood control materials in anticoagulation tube or bottle and more effective than manual mixing.



Speed range 0 to 80 rpm
Motor type DC declaration
Swing speed 0 to 80 times / min
Swing amplitude 22 mm ± 1mm
Number of rollers 7
Roller size 236 mm
Number of tubes 12 pcs
Operation type Continuous
Permissible temperature 5 to 50℃
Relative humidity 80 % RH
Power 12 W
Power supply 220 V ± 10 % (50 Hz)
Dimension (W × D × H) 394 × 266 × 98 mm
Net weight 3.6 kg
Gross weight 6.25 kg



Used for mixing of biological samples, blood samples, solid- liquid suspensions, viscous liquids, preventing blood coagulation in hospitals, blood banks, research labs, etc.

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