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Water chillers LWC-A10

Water chillers LWC-A10

Water chiller LWC-A10 is an easy to operate, safe, energy-conscious and low noise equipment designed for continuous operation. They are well equipped with stainless steel tank and water pump along with automatic control system, digital display and protection alarm device. Using highly precise temperature control and high efficiency compressor, they provide stable and reliable performance.



Temperature range 5 °C - 35 °C
Refrigeration capacity 0.3 kW / h
Out water pressure 0.1-0.6 kgf / cm
Water flow 20 L / min
Power 280 W
Water tank volume 5.5 L
Dimensions 505 x 230 x 500 mm



Water chillers are used in following applications: analytical, automotive, biotechnology, packaging, laser etc.

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