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Wrist Shaker LWRS-A10

Wrist Shaker LWRS-A10

Wrist Shaker LWRS-A10 is a wrist shaker with 3° shaking angle and 50 to 600 rpm shaking speed. Its continuous or time controlled wrist shaking mode is operated using microprocessor PID controlled system. Up to 8 programs can be customized with different speed and time setting in this shaker. Different types and shapes of flask, reagent bottles, tubes, jars, narrow mouth bottles, retort, separating funnel, and straight mouth bottles can be sued in this wrist shaker.



Shaking angle
Shaking speed 50 to 600 rpm
Shaking accuracy ±1 rpm
Shaking mode Wrist shaking
Operation Mode Continuous or timing
Max. Opening of the Clips 50 mm
Max. loading Each side is 6.8 kg
Ambient Temp. 4 to 40℃
Ambient Humidity 20 to 80 % RH
Motor Variable frequency motor
Material Main body and arm 304 stainless
Standard Accessory Main body, arm stand, flask clip× 8 pcs
Consumption 60 W
Power Supply AC 110/220 V±10%, 50/60 Hz
Main Body Size (W×D×H) 272×452×320 mm
Complete Machine Size (W×D×H) 810×452×320 mm
Package Size (W×D×H) 590×500×600 mm
Net Weight 30 kg
Gross Weight 45 kg



Used for shaking and suspension mixing of cell culture, media preparation and liquids, biomaterials etc. in laboratories, research and testing centers etc.

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