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Xenon Test Chamber LXC-A22

Xenon Test Chamber LXC-A22

Xenon Test Chamber LXC-A22 is a benchtop model with single xenon arc lamp and is available with optional automatic water supply. A large spectrum of environmental condition based test materials can be tested using this model.



Temperature Range RT+50℃ to 70℃
Temperature Fluctuation ±3℃
Cooling Way Air-cooled
Raining Time 0-99min adjustable
Irradiation Strength 400-700w/m2
Wavelength 290-800nm
Dimming Range 5%-100%
Lamp Power 2.5kW
Total Power 4.5kW
Power Supply AC380V±10% 50±0.5Hz (three-phase five wire system)
Interior Size(W×D×H) 500×320×300mm
Exterior Size(W×D×H) 900×800×750mm
Standard Configurations Stainless steel sample holder, one air-cooled xenon lamp, one portable irradiation meter



It is used in different industries such as plastic, paint, dyeing, automobile, motorcycle, petrochemical, textile, leather products etc.

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