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Fluorescence Spectrophotometer LFS-A10

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer LFS-A10

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer LFS-A10 consist of a high quality 150 W Xenon light source and photoelectric multiplier tube detectors for providing sufficient light intensity signal to detect sensitivity which ranges between 200 nm to 900 nm. Features fluorescence detection limit of ≤ 5×10-11 g/ml and Water Raman peak of S/N ≥ 200. It consists of the following characteristics, namely, high detection sensitivity, fast scanning speed, high dynamic range, fast 3D scanning, etc. The main principles includes measurement of absorption and fluorescence. Absorbance measurements can be taken via one or more wavelengths. The fluorescence unit increases the measuring range by 1000 for detecting DNA.



Light source 150 W Xenon lamp
Excitation wavelength 200 nm to 900 nm
Emission wavelength 200 nm to 900 nm
Excitation slit 2 nm, 5 nm, 10 nm, 20 nm
Emission slit 2 nm, 5 nm, 10 nm, 20 nm
Wavelength accuracy ±0.4 nm
Wavelength repeatability ≤ 0.2 nm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Raman peak of water (P-P): S/N ≥ 200 (10 nm Slit)
Detection limit ≤5×10-11 g/ml (Quinine Sulphate Solution)
Linearity γ ≥ 0.995
Peak repeatability ≤ 1.5%
Stability (10 min) Zero Drift ±0.3
Stability (10 min) Value Limit ±1.5%
Wavelength scan speed Multi-speed level, Maximum at 48000 nm/min
Photometric value 0.00 to 10000.00
Data interface USB 2.0
Maximum power consumption 200 W
Power Source AC 220 V/50 Hz; 110 V/60 Hz
Dimension 380×445×310 mm
Net weight 12 kg
Gross weight 14 kg



Fluorescence Spectrophotometer finds application in material research, pharmaceutical analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, food safety testing.

Optional Accessories

Accessories No. Accessories Name Functions
1 Membrane sample rack For membrane samples
2 Powder sample rack For powder samples
3 Up conversion fluorescent holder Base holder for other racks
4 Octave Double-frequency elimination filter (300 nm,350 nm,400 nm,450 nm,500 nm,550 nm,600 nm,650 nm for one set) Remove the interference of double-frequency peaks of these wavelengths
5 Auto polarization filter -
6 Sample cell jacket -
7 Peltier temperature (15 to 40°C) control holder -

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