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Portable Airborne Particle Counter LPPC-A30

Portable Airborne Particle Counter LPPC-A30

Portable Airborne Particle Counter LPPC-A30 is a six channel microcomputer controlled unit. It has a provision of simultaneously counting particles in six different size ranges with real time monitoring. Equipped with built-in thermal sensitive printer for direct printing of pre-recorded and current data for end user convenience. Designed with large LCD screen for displaying particle count of all channels. The particle count data can be conveniently viewed, downloaded or printed directly using the built-in printer featuring multiple print mode.



Size channel 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 5.0 (µm)
Flow rate 28.3 L/min
Teat way UCL
Test period 1 to 40 minute
Zero count < = 10 min
Print mode Build-in Thermal Printer
Continuously working time 8 h
Light source and lifetime Long life laser diode with 3000h MTTF
Display LCD
Data storage 256 samples
Dimension 370 × 440 × 126 mm
Power consumption 80 W
Power supply AC 220 V+/-10%, 50 Hz
Weight 6 kg



Portable Airborne Particle Counter is used in clean room monitoring, indoor air quality testing, filter testing, tracking particle sources, pharmaceuticals, R&D labs, and electronics, semiconductor industries; monitoring of biosafety cabinets, clean benches, computer rooms and HVAC system performance; in fields of optics, aerospace, pharmaceutical, electronics, food hygiene industry, etc.

Standard Accessories

Accessories no.Name
1Isokinetic probe
2Sampling tubing
3Sampling stent
4Operator manual

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