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Portable turbidity meter LTM-A16

Portable turbidity meter LTM-A16

Portable turbidity meter LTM-A16 is a device perceptively aimed with an LCD screen and an automatic power off function comprising of four AA batteries for ultimate usage. The instrument measures a range of 0.00-20.0; 20.01-200; 200.01-1000 NTU. This handy device also features an automatic range switchover that support zero-point and four-point calibration, coherent with ISO7027.The appearance being novel makes it expedient for users in field testing.



Light source LED/860 nm (Wavelength)
Readings display LCD
Unit switches NTU, FTU, EBC, ASBC
Measurement range 0.00-20.0; 20.01-200; 200.01-1000 NTU
Minimum reading 0.001
Calibration modes 6
Allowable error of indication ≤±6%
Zero Drift ≤±0.5%FS
Stability of indication ≤±0.5% FS
Repeatability ≤0.5%
Sample bottle Φ 25 mm×65 mm
Sample volume 20-25 ml
Interface USB
Data storage 2000 sets
Net Weight 650 gm



Device is applicable for testing the turbidity of cloudiness in fluids caused by suspended solid particles in bacteriological and research laboratories, haziness in water, food beverages and other aqueous solutions.

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