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Density balance LDEB-A10

Density balance LDEB-A10

Density balance LDEB-A10 is a high precision tabletop balance with a weighing capacity of 310 g and a load cell sensor for precised density determination. It features conventional unit storage and pre-built calculative function. Equipped with a plastic case and aluminium density kit. All parameters are pre adjusted and programmable to prevent minor mismatches.



Capacity 310 g
Minimum weighing 0.04 g
Resolution 0. 01 g
Pan size 160 x 70 mm
Sensor Load cell
Display LCD ( White back light with black font )
Operational temperature 5 °C ~ 25 °C
Repeatability ± 0.02 g
Liner ± 0.03 g
Test mode Solid and liquid
Calibration weight 200 g
Case material Plastic case with aluminium density kit
Tank size 139 x 100 x 78 mm
Unit mode Weighing : g/ct/oz Density : D
Weight 4 kgs



Used for obtaining relationships between density, chemical com- position, thermal and mechanical treatments of materials, etc.

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