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Air Jacketed CO<sub>2</sub> Incubator LAJI-C20

Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator LAJI-C20

Air Jacketed CO 2 Incubator LAJI-C20 is a shaking CO2 incubator with air jacketed configurations suitable for heat/UV sterilization and temperature range of 4˚ to 65˚C with shaking frequency of 40 to 300 rpm. Designed with CO2 concentration sensor, advanced alarm system, temperature control and monitoring system, it provides uniform and stable conditions. Incorporated 90˚ C high temperature sterilization method, touch screen with PID controller, and enhanced safety features provides the benefits of contamination control and uncompromising temperature uniformity for even the most demanding incubations.



CO2 range 0-20%
CO2 recovery time (Return to 5% after opening the door for 30 seconds) ≤3 mins
CO2 control accuracy ±0.1%
CO2 stability of 5%CO2 ±0.1%
CO2 uniformity ±0.1%
CO2 sensor IR CO2 sensor
Shaking frequency 40-300 rpm
Shaking Precision ±1 rpm
Amplitude 20 mm
Drive way Three eccentric shaft balance drive type
Humidity control 50 to 90%
37C humidity control accuracy The chamber can reach 85%-95% when 37˚ C , and the humidity can be controlled in real time
Humidity resolution 0.001
Humidity deviation ±2%
Related humidity Nature vaporate > 95%
Allowable shaking load 10 kg
Temperature control range 4-65° C
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1° C
Temperature uniformity ±0.5° C
Temperature sensor PT 100
Environment temperature detector Independent
Over temperature protection system Independent
Temperature recover time (Return to 37˚ C after opening the door for 30 sec) ≤8 mins
Heating method 6 side heating
Disinfection method 90˚ C high temp
Timing range 0 to 99 hour 59 min
Platform size (L×B) 350×350 mm
Shelf 1
Display Digital Color display with touch panel
Sterilization system 90 degree high temp. high humidity sterilization system (RHP); UV sterilization (option)
Controller PID
Interface RS485
Door Open/close message Yes
Alarm system High and low temperature and over temperature; Chamber sensor failure; Independent temperature limiter; Door open; High/low CO2 condensation; Power off alarm; Door temperature sensor failure; Disinfection and sterilization status reminder; Over temp sensor failure and Abnormal function
Interior dimension (W×D×H) 505×600×420 mm
Exterior dimension (W×D×H) 693×875×753 mm
Gross Weight 91 kg
Power 1500 W
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Flask Configuration 50 ml×36, 100 ml×23, 250 ml×13, 500 ml×8, 1 L×5, 2 L×3, 4 L×1, 5 L×1



Air Jacketed CO2 Incubator are used for tissue engineering, cell culture, in vitro fertilization, diagnostics, neuroscience, cancer research and for developing biosensors across medical research and the pharmaceutical industry.

Air-jacketed CO2 Incubator